Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nexus Player

Finally something to compete with Apple T.V :

Eairler this month google took the covers of their latest media streaming device the Nexus Player.
Whats new and what makes it differnt form the rest : 

The Nexus Player runs on Android T.V which is google's new OS which makes any HDMI ready T.V a smart T.V. Currently Android T.V is still developing in terms of App support but it has all the major apps like :

Google Play Movies, Netflix, Youtube, PLEX. etc.

  The player comes with a speech recognition remote which allows you to acess almost everything and anythig using Google Now 

What is really exicting is that this device comes with gaming controller compatability. This means that you get a whole new and different experience playing your favorite android games.


Overall I think this is a great device for just over $100 from the Playstore you get a media streaming device with gaming compatability. And the only other real competition is the Apple T.V but this outclasses it in every way . 

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