Thursday, July 18, 2013

Android Mavericks

How to make your desktop look like Android Mavericks :

Wallpaper :

To download the wallpaper here.

Widgets and Clock :

Click here to download Xwidget . To download the widget and clock used in this skin click here.

Dock :

Click here to download rocket dock.

Icons :

Click here to download the android icon pack. .

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  1. Where can I get the replacement for the start taskbar? I am on windows 8 and am using the StartIsBack replacement. I like the one you have pictured much better though. If you can lead me in the right direction that would be awesome!!!! I subscribed to your page as well.

    1. Hi you can hide the taskbar using taskbar eliminator

      To get the replacement taskbar you have to first download Xwidget then download this and run it

      Hope that is what your looking for .

  2. Hi Nick, the down bar is not the windows taskbar it a widget for xwidget there is a link above. The windows taskbar was hidden permanently with Aviassin Taskbar Eliminator. Not sure what you are actually looking for.

  3. How do I get the white line above the app icons?

  4. It is a widget I created for xwidget if you want it tell me