Sunday, October 14, 2012

Android Jelly Bean 4.1

How to make your desktop look like Android Jelly Bean 

The Android jelly bean pack :

click here to download the android jelly bean pack. Or you can download the content individually below.


to download the wallpaper click here .

Widgets and Clock

Download xwidget from here . To download the widgets used in this look click here


To Download the icons click here  to get them .


Download Rocket Dock  from here .


Hide the taskbar and place the widgets as shown in the picture and use 

same widgets (exceptional ) the bar at the bottom is a widget created by me 

dont think you will find it online, sorry .

The Android Taskbar :

If you want the taskbar click here but you need to download Xwidget first after you do that go to the link :

click download 
then click download Zip after that unzip 
after that click the application given 
run it and after that change the shortcut icons on the bar with the ones given in the zipped  files 
If you have any questions ask in comments 

The Taskbar Clock :

To download the taskbar clock click here but you must have Xwidget first . 

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  1. Can you put a download link to the bar at the bottom?

    1. Iam working on it please give me some time

    2. Ok the download link is there above instructions are allso give if you have any further questions
      feel free to comment . the clock will also be there soon so if you want to know more
      like us on facebook or google+ . for facebook for Google+.


  2. How do you edit objectdock to look like yours?

    1. Sorry its not Object Dock please Download Rocket Dock link is on top
      then you will be able to change the dock background to blank


  3. What is the icon set called?

    1. To get the Android style icon pack click the new updated icon link
      if you like your desktop look please like us on facebook and +1 us on google+


  4. How do you install the icons? Or is it just properties -> change picto. ?

    1. It is very easy right click on the desktop shortcut click properties change icon then click browse
      the locate where your icon is stored then open then click ok then click apply the icon should
      then change . if you have any more questions feel free to ask . Enjoy and send me a picture of the
      completed desktop look . if you want to see more like us on facebook